A homage to Great Writers of our time who were wizards of their words and rakes of the pen, who, importantly to us, used liberal doses of loose libations as their agent for creativity. Minds Undone provides further clues to the inspirational figure behind our DNA.

Sometimes in life one takes on an arduous endeavor, driven by a desire to unearth and share real treasures of culture and literature, offering a window into the titans of our time, wizards of words and rakes of the pen. One cannot underestimate the role of loose libations in their genius. We celebrate this relationship and invite you to bask in their wonderful craziness and revel in the joys one can find at the bottom of a bottle.


Hidden Lady


The author of  ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and ‘In Cold Blood’ struggled with drinking  and drug abuse for most of his final days. Capote referred to orange juice and vodka as his “orange drink.”


Ketel One Vodka // Sake // Apricot // Orange Sherbet // Lime // Mace // Verbena Syrup // House Orange Bitters

Tender Addict

INSPIRED BY F. Scott Fitzgerald

Besides being one of the most prolific writers of his time, F. Scott Fitzgerald was a boozer in the truest sense of the term. His writing was filled to the brim with themes of liquor.
Despite four alcohol induced breakdowns and a declining health, he continued to drink, mostly Gin – because he thought it couldn’t be detected on his breath.


Tanqueray Gin // Coffee Infusion // Islay Whisky // Lime // Lemon // Lemon // Verbena // Elderflower // Egg White // House Orange Bitters

Big Dick

INSPIRED BY Ernest Hemingway

It’s no secret that booze was Hemingway’s life-blood, the man is legendary for his unfettered appreciation of a good drink. A life lived full of adventure, Hemingway recommended spending a night in the bars of a new city to better understand local life and culture.


House Rum Blend // Irish Whiskey  // Pedro Ximénez Sherry // Malted Banana // Lime // Cane Syrup // Mace

Psycho Bunny

INSPIRED BY Edna St Vincent-Millay

Edna, the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry winner and playwright was known for her feminist activism and her whimsical attitude towards writing and her drinking habits.


Gosling Rum // Five Spice Infusion // Apple Brandy // Pomegranate Syrup // Pama Liqueur // Absinthe // Yellow Chartreuse


INSPIRED BY John Cheever

John Cheever was an American novelist, short story writer and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. He was an exceptionally troubled man, mainly due to the combination of extreme alcoholism and an inability to cope with being bisexual.


Blanco Tequila // Mezcal // Capsicum // Lime // Luxardo Maraschino // Agave // Hellfire Bitters

White Horse

INSPIRED BY Jack Kerouac

The captain of the Beat Generation. Jack Kerouac literary works had a major impact on the popular rock music of the 1960s. In his local watering hole, The White Horse Tavern in New York City, it is rumoured that “Kerouac, go home” was written above the urinal, as an attempt to remind him to stop drinking and head home.


Blanco Tequila // Mezcal // Green Chartresue // Raspberry // Lemon // Lime // Mace


INSPIRED BY Walter Cronkite

The most trusted man in America. Cronkite reported almost all of the historical events of his time from WWII through to the Moon Landing. In fact, the term “Anchorman” was coined for him. He had gravitas. He was the most recognized person in USA after the president. Cronkite was a class act and so was his choice of poison: Wine, Scotch and Fortified wines.


Kentucky Bourbon // Campari // Montenegro // Frangelico // Chocolate Bitters // House Angostura Bitters

Cake Eater


Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, Faulkner took his writing and his drinking very seriously. Usually, mixing the two in order to compose novels and short stories.


Single Malt Whisky // Caraway // Cucumber // Pineapple // White Peppercorn // Lemon Sherbet // Mace

Bat Country

INSPIRED BY Hunter S. Thompson

Best known as the father of Gonzo journalism, Thompson may be better associated with a wide array of stimulants than simply with alcohol. However, that didn’t stop him from pairing the uppers and the downers with a stiff drink.


Irish Whiskey // Gosling Rum // Blackcurrant // Turkish Coffee // Guinness // Syrup // Pistachio // Cardamom // Wild Civet Cream

Fiery Ginger

INSPIRED BY Dorothy arker

Parker was well known for her drinking and suicidal tendencies but she remained one of the most accomplished female writers of poetry, prose and screenplays. She survived 3 marriages and several suicide attempts, but grew increasingly dependent on alcohol.


Martell Cognac // Aquavit // Pistachio // Ginger // Cynar // Lime // Celery Shrub // Walnut

Fizzy Rascal


Famous playwright and author of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, Wilde has often been noted as an absinthe aficionado, having fallen for the beverage while living abroad in Paris.


Martell Cognac // Falernum // Mint // Lime // Absinthe // Strawberry // Champagne


INSPIRED BY Edgar Allen Poe

A dark character best known for his tales of mystery and macabre, Poe had a tumultuous relationship with alcohol throughout his life.


Martell Cognac // Cherry Herring // Walnut // Créme de Cacao // Mace // Lime // Cream

Forty Four

INSPIRED BY Raymond Chandler

Chandler had an idiosyncratic prose “voice” that is often imitated but rarely duplicated. Binge drinking alongside office fornication during Great Depression led him to lose his job which invertedly made him a prolific “Detective Fiction Writer”. His fame and the demise of his wife from a melancholy ailment, led Chandler to imbibe himself to the brink of extinction.


Apple Brandy // Apricot // Toasted Coconut // Bergamot // Lime // Lemon // Egg White // Cream // Nutmeg


– 1 –

Vagabond behavior deeply frowned upon during early hours.

– 2 –

Anyone paid a stipend for public performances please kindly leave your ego outside the establishment.

– 3 –

 Don’t dicker with your beverage chit unless you wish to incur the wrath of your barman and seek accommodation on the crown.

– 4 –

Floozy’s and insignificant others are your responsibility and on your name and honour must act in accordance with reasonable social etiquette.

– 5 –

This establishment is a celebration of the mighty tipple, any requests for Jagerbombs or such lark will be met with disdain and possible requests for immediate departure.

– 6 –

Our music is prepared for your oratory pleasure, if it is failing in that regard, please inform the management who will pretend to care.

– 7 –

Rakish behavior with other persons consorts must take place in dark corners. We accept no responsibility for their actions or subsequent offspring.

– 8 –

Our glass is always half full, if you feel otherwise please order another libation.

– 9 –

We abhor fireworks particularly when attached to fine sparkling grapes.

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